Conditions of recruitment [ENGLISH]

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Conditions of recruitment [ENGLISH]

Post by tommasche on Sat 12 Apr - 16:10

- You wish to integrate TEAM [ TIGR ] AA:S-F? Then it is necessary to want some and to have + 18 years...

- Staff reserves the right to reject all or not adapted candidatures nonin conformity has the TEAM. A minimum of discipline and presence are required. TEAM speak and the Forum are the bases of the TEAM...

- All new members will be subjected to one period of test (30 days) during which it will have to convince us by showing motivation. Each candidature will be studied by the leader and the staff of the clan.

- All new members will have to present himself on TEAM speak in the days which follow the inscription on site.

- All members will have post a minimum on the forum and to prevent in the event of absence...

For join TEAM [ TIGR ] AA:S-F it is necessary:

- not being penguin (except special exemption)

- To be european, better French-speaking (not by discrimination but for a cohesion perfectly in the TEAM)

- To lay out of a connection high flow and a microphone

- to have made a success of successfully all the drives of the play (Sniper, Parachuting, Medic...)

- to integrate the tracker, to have an honor higher or egal to 30 and to be recorded on AAtracker with at least 500 kills and a correct fragrate (minimum 0.95)

- To take part in the life of the team while being present On TEAM Speak or by visiting the forum in a regular way.

- To respect the members of the team, the clans leaders as well as the
other players on the servers.

- To have an address mall and MSN

- To be sympathetic!

- And last important thing for us, it is to take part in the expenses of the TEAM, NONOBLIGATORY Cotisation (see with the treasurer)

- If you agree with all that, it remains you more than has to present to you by indicating your pseudo, your age and your place of résidance and your motivations to integrate TEAM [ TIGR ].)

ps: you must be record on the forum for post your ask.


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