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teamspeak using:

Channels were to create, it is easy to make use correctly of it and to move correctly according to what one wants to do.

- if one wants to play while discussing he put itself in the channel "Server Parlotte"
- if one wants simply to discuss without then playing to put itself in "discution"
A channel "Serious Server" is open. motivated players who wish to play concentrated and work the teamplay will not be disturbed and will be able to progress.

Forum :

Some rules of bases for the forum:

1° No diverting the subjects. If you want to approach another point, create your own subject.
2° don't flood (the flood is the fact of writing messages without any utility)
3° the use of insults and other coarse words is strictly interdict on this forum.
4° the discussions with political and religious goal do not take place to be on this forum. They will be automatically removed.
5° No form of racism will be tolerated on this forum.
6° the publication of texts or pornographic images is strictly prohibited on the forum.
7° It is formally interdict to give bonds of cheat or sites of cheat on the forum.

ghosting :

The subject is very hard for all teams and can open several polemic, we will go regulated the polemic here on the "GHOSTING":

For [ TIGR ] the all kind of ghosting is banished of the TEAM, what one calls ghosting at the TIGR???

The ghosting is used T-S to help are fellow-member while saying as soon as one died all opponents, that one is in the same TEAM or opposite, for us as soon as one helps teamate a dead liver it is ghosting and this is prohibited in our TEAM. Approximately a liver dead it is radio operator silence.

Teamspeak will be used to defer or to give instructions has its fellow-members but that goes that if one is alive and nondead.

the treasury:

To have a TEAM with a minimum of structure (training, match, etc....) we make calls has a company of hiring of waiter CLANSERVERS which rents us a game server to be able to progress and play together.

That which says waiter also says to have a treasury of TEAM which is to manage by a treasurer.

The job of the treasurer is to collect all the money and to organize the payment of the server for managing well and that there is no problem each member cotiser that must with the server this participation will be carried out every 2 months.

The price will be to fix by the treasurer and will thus include/understand the price of the waiter + the price of the honor to obtain an honor server.

So that it not of problem the members will have there to send money 1 month has the advance to make it possible to the treasurer to anticipate the payment of the server , and regulated the problems of delay and other risk.

If ever one of the members would not respect this rules to give his part 1 month has the advance in this case the treasurer could not can pay the server and that would penalize the TEAM complete because we would find ourselves without gameserver time that that money arrives. Moreover of the sanctions would be taken consequently for the player which would not have to respect the deadlines.

Thank you for your comprehension


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