America's Army Server Hotfix Patch

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America's Army Server Hotfix Patch

Post by BlackMamba on Wed 16 Apr - 15:28

A serverside patch was released for America's Army !

This patch fixes two issues:

  1. Players were able to join a server without a username which would result in a negative player count. If joining a server with no username was done enough times it would result in people being kicked from the server, or the server would remain in a state where a round would not begin.
  2. Switching to tournament mode would sometimes result in a server crash. Also, frequent map switches would cause players to be kicked.

This is a server side patch only! If you are not running an America's Army server you do not need this patch. Applying it to a client application may result in a PunkBuster kick

» Windows-Patch @ (~5 MB)
» Linux-Patch @ (~85 MB)



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Re: America's Army Server Hotfix Patch

Post by tommasche on Wed 16 Apr - 16:28

c est juste un patch pour les servers Smile nosu on peut encore attendre pour un nouveau patch ^^


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